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Backstage Beauty Blogs: meet Tara from Cherry Bomb

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Backstage Beauty Blogs: meet Tara from Cherry Bomb
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Beauty Blogs Backstage

Welcome to a brand new feature here at Retrodiva’s Beauty! We are highlighting the people behind the posts – the ones who put it all together, usually out of a labor of love.

This week we interviewed Tara of Cherry Bomb. Enjoy!

How did you get into blogging?

Late last year I discovered the “beauty world online” as I like to call it. I became really interested in the girls that make the videos on YouTube and began watching them non stop. I realized that I could do the same thing, but instead of making videos I could incorporate my love for writing and create blogs about beauty.

Tell us about Cherry Bomb Beauty – is it part of a bigger network?

Cherry Bomb Beauty was something I started just for fun. I wanted to do something for myself other than school, work, and my internship. When I got my internship writing for an online magazine I was fortunate enough to be able to move my blog to their website. Cherry Bomb Beauty is featured on, it’s a Boston based magazine that is online only. If it weren’t for Blast I don’t think my blog would be where it is today. I also created a fan page on Facebook so that people can interact with me and they will be notified every time I write a new post.

What product were you most excited about in 2009?

It’s funny, I tend to go against the norm when it comes to most things especially beauty products. I don’t keep myself updated with the latest and greatest or the hottest things to hit the shelves. I’m just an average girl and I think that is why my readers enjoy my blogs because I’m just like them only I write about my experiences with beauty products. That said, I was really eager to purchase the Lady Gaga lipstick from MAC; which I love!

Do you have a signature fragrance?

I like to mix things up a lot. I’m in a different mood each day so I like my makeup and fragrances to reflect that. However, my two favorite and must have perfumes are Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels in Wish and Paris Hilton for Women by Paris Hilton.

Do you have a favorite beauty brand?

I love all different brands. If someone were to look at my collection they would see products that are sold in drug stores, “designer brands”, as well as brands that most people probably haven’t heard of. As long as the product works well and is reasonably priced I don’t care what the name tag says. I’m in it for what I think works best that I can suggest to others.

How much makeup do you own?

Sometimes I think I own a lot of makeup, but then I see the collection’s of girls whose videos I watch and they probably have twice as much. Then again the majority of them are makeup artists and I’m far from that. haha

How long have you been blogging?

My first post was written December 19, 2009 so I just hit my 6 month mark. I’m really new with this whole blogging thing. This is the first blog I’ve written, but I’m having a blast! I hope to be blogging for years to come.

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