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Simply Ageless by Cover Girl is a nice surprise

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Simply Ageless by Cover Girl is a nice surprise
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I recently received the entire CoverGirl Simply Ageless collection from BzzAgent, and I have to say, I’m impressed with the entire line. I was concerned that they would be really heavy and too moisturizing, based on the fact that they have the Olay anti-aging ingredients already mixed in, and the formulation is solid. But after trying them, I have to say that even my oily skin did really well with these products.

covergirl simply ageless foundationThe Cover Girl Simply Ageless Foundation comes in a plastic pot with a latex sponge for application. The texture (and sponge really reminded me of one of my favorite Benefit products, some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker. It applies really evenly, and the wear is consistent and even. I did find myself blotting a bit earlier than I normally would, but I figured that would happen with such a moisturizing formula. However, it didn’t break me out, and I was thrilled with the solid formula when I needed to travel. TSA didn’t even blink an eye.

covergirl simply ageless concealerUnderneath the foundation, use the Simply Ageless Concealer
on troubled spots. It’s pigmented enough to give really good coverage, and easily helps even out skin tone. There is enough product to last you a really long time. After two solid weeks of use, I didn’t even put a dent in the pot. I found that it covered redness very well, along with blemishes.

covergirl simply ageless correctorThe Simply Ageless Corrector is a standout in this line. The tone of it almost completely rid my eyes of my dark circles (or allergy shiners, as my fellow allergy sufferers might call them), and that’s not an easy task to do. I applied it to both the undereye area as well as the eyelid, and it did a fabulous job of evening out my skin tone while not looking greasy, which is always a problem for me. I wouldn’t call the formula matte, but those of you who like a dewy finish will love it. Besides, anti-aging cream around your eyes? Yes, please. Just remember that you still need SPF.

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