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Beauty Blogs Backstage: seven questions with Phyrra of

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Beauty Blogs Backstage: seven questions with Phyrra of

Beauty Blogs Backstage

If you haven’t visited, you’re missing out on some amazing looks and mineral makeup reviews. Not only is she beautiful AND smart, she knows all the independent mineral makeup companies and I think she has swatched them all. Her site is easy to navigate, and you can find reviews, looks, and even information on her adorable standard poodle Phaedra (best. name. ever. Yes, I do love my ancient Greek references!) easily. Read on for my interview with Phyrra.

1. What are your favorite color combinations for those amazing eye looks you do?
Lately I really love doing Aqua/Teal, Aqua/Purple, White/Aqua/Blue, and Blue with Green. Aromaleigh’s Erline, matched up with BellaSugar’s CocoCay is really pretty.
Aromaleigh’s Ice blended into Sugarpill’s Afterparty makes for an amazing look.
Fyrinnae’s Futuristic Glam Rock with Sleepy Hollow is great. I also love Fyrinnae’s Digital Faerie with Wicked.
2. Are you a mineral powder foundation or liquid foundation kind of girl?
I’m a mineral powder foundation girl all the way. I have never found a match in liquid foundation, plus it always seems to clog my pores. I couldn’t even find a good foundation match until I started trying mineral makeup. I wear Inquisitive Siamese (sometimes Inquisitive Sphynx) in the Pampered Puss formula from Meow. This past winter, I had to make my foundation slightly lighter, so I used Snow Lynx to lighten up my foundation. Pampered Puss is really my holy grail foundation these days.
3. What is your favorite beauty brand that not enough people know about?
This is a hard one. I feel like not enough people know about Fyrinnae. They’ve got some really complex colors, and some unique products like Pixie Epoxy (a must have for eye shadow lovers), and lip lustres.
4. What made you decide to start blogging?
I started blogging for a few reasons. One I couldn’t find a lot of blogs out there that were mostly dedicated to mineral makeup. Since I wanted to learn more about mineral makeup, I started blogging about my experiences with different companies. I also started blogging to share about things I really liked or disliked with products. If I turn someone onto an indie company or product, and it really works for them, it makes me happy. If I save someone from wasting money on a product that just did not work for me, I feel good about that as well.
5. If you needed a famous person to play you in the movie adaptation of your life, who would you choose and why?
I’d probably choose Rose McGowan, because she always has such an air of vitality to her.
6. When you’re not blogging or working, what do you enjoy doing?
I play with my standard poodle, Phaedra. I do training sessions with her, going over tricks she knows and teaching her new ones. We also take walks, and spend time cuddling. I also play an inordinate amount of World of Warcraft, as I raid in a 25 man guild. In addition to that, I do sew on occasion. Right now I’m working on Dragon Con costumes. I also read voraciously on my kindle. I spend time with my friends and spin LED poi.
7. If you had to chose one major beauty advice point, what would it be?
If I had to choose one point, I’d say get your undertones matched by someone who understands them, perferrably a professional. I had so many problems figuring out what foundation to choose until I had mine done professionally.

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