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Bougie Aromatique will transport you through the world via scent

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Bougie Aromatique will transport you through the world via scent

robindira unsworth bougie aromatiqueRobindira Unsworth, the company well known for its globally inspired jewelry collection and newly opened flagship boutique, Atelier at Robindira Unsworth, has expanded upon its lifestyle brand with the launch of their exotic hand-crafted soy candle line, Bougie Aromatique. Bougie Aromatique contains three scents including Capri, Ibiza and Marrakech. Each is a sumptuous and signature blend of soothing essential oils and notes that capture the perfect balance of the exotic and familiar. From soft fragrant white flowers, rich and robust ripened fruits, to clean, crisp green florals, these luxurious soy candles celebrate scent in the most unique and delightful way!

Capri contains essential oils of Tuberose with notes of Ylang Ylang and Hyacinth; Ibiza contains Bergamot with notes of Lily, Jasmine, and Neroli; and Marrakech has Ginger with notes of Pomegranate and Currant.

The candles retail for $45 each, with a burn time of 40-50 hours. They are available at Atelier at Robindira Unsworth and

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