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More than florals: KenzoJungle EDP by Kenzo

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More than florals: KenzoJungle EDP by Kenzo

kenzo jungleI was recently lamenting the fact that I’m not much of a floral person, so many of Kenzo’s recent releases were lost on me. While I love the poppies on the bottle (my signature flower), the juice contained within is not my style at all. There are very few florals that I can tolerate, much less wear on a regular basis.

However, my good friend The Beauty Alchemist, who is also my personal fragrance guru, suggested I give KenzoJungle a try, thinking that it would be more my style, and was she right!

This is not a shy fragrance, and I’m guessing that it will surprise you. If you’re used to Kenzo’s usual florals, you won’t know what hit you when this cardamom, vanilla, and patchouli scent hit you. It’s a spicy oriental that doesn’t contain anything like the violet palm tree leaf suggested in the copy on the Kenzo website. It has a juicy opening, with the mandarin note making a brief appearance, but it quickly settles into a deeper base note combination of the vanilla, amber, and patchouli, all favorite base notes of mine.

Kenzo recommends this as a day fragrance – and I wear it all the time in the day. However, my floral loving friends might be a tad overwhelmed with that, and could perhaps see it happening for them as more of an evening/night fragrance.

KenzoJungle is an online exclusive, and if you are a spicy oriental kind of fragrance lover, do yourself a favor and try this one out. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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