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Tarte releases six new amazing products for summer

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Tarte releases six new amazing products for summer

tarte cosmeticsTarte has added new products to their permanent line this summer, including a relaunch of ReCreate™ silicone-free primer with Wrinkle Rewind™ technology. It’s the perfect primer & moisturizer alternative for those with sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. There are 4 new waterproof products include: emphasEYES™ waterproof clay shadow/liner pots and double-ended brush (5 shades: black, brown, bronze, plum & indigo); multiplEYE™ natural lash enhancing waterproof mascara (black); park ave princess matte waterproof bronzer; and lock & roll 12-hour eyeshadow duos (five shades: bronze, amethyst, sapphire, moss and onyx). Lastly, there are six new rise & shine natural lip stain & lip-enhancing glosses and 3 new 24/7 lip sheers with SPF 15.

tarte recreate primerAn extension to our ReCreate™ natural anti-aging foundation, this silicone-free ReCreate™ face primer smoothes skin and minimizes the appearance of pores naturally. This primer is perfect for those with sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin.

Like ReCreate™ foundation, this anti-aging primer is powered by Wrinkle Rewind™ technology for clinically-proven results:

  • 67% decrease in wrinkles
  • 47% increase in firmness
  • 53% increase in the skin’s moisture content in just 15 minutes post-application.

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • jojoba seed oil: easily absorbed leaving skin soft, supple and smooth
  • peat extract: natural plant extract that moisturizes and preserves the skin
  • sunflower seed oil: rich plant derivative that helps moisturize, regenerate and condition skin
  • algae extract: non-irritating and non-comedogenic moisturizer
  • vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient and protects against free radical damage
  • Wrinkle Rewind™: proprietary re-hydrating complex restores moisture, tone and
  • elasticity to the skin, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

park avenue princess matte waterproof bronzerA sister to tarte’s best-selling park ave princess mineral powder bronzer, this matte version delivers just the right amount of a sun-burnished glow and doubles as an easy contouring powder. Infused with natural, skin-softening mineral pigments this waterproof bronzer helps improve skin’s texture, tone and clarity all day long.

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • mineral pigments: colors and dyes derived from natural minerals have been known to soothe
  • and soften the skin
  • vitamin A: beneficial antioxidant that helps remove free radicals, promotes collagen production
  • and retain moisture, which plumps fine lines and wrinkles to give the appearance of younger
  • skin
  • vitamin C: antioxidant that fights free radical damage and prevents oxidative stress and
  • premature signs of aging, while brightening skin
  • vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient and protects
  • against free radical damage

tarte emphaseyes waterproof clay shadow liner potInfused with micronized clay and reinforced by our natural waterproofing agent, emphasEYES™ are a must for creating intense and long-lasting high definition eyes. Our high-performance natural™ Amazonian white clay is nature’s most perfect ingredient, lending deep color pigments while nourishing skin, reducing surface oil and improving overall texture for smooth application.

Our botanical waterproofing agent is earth engineered from a blend of natural plant waxes to form an impermeable layer that protects against rain, sweat, tears and creasing. The fusion of technologies results in an intense yet smooth cream that can be smudged onto lids as an all over shadow or used as a high definition liner using the double-ended brush included with each shade. emphasEYES™ shadow/liners are housed in an airtight jar to keep product cushion intact from start to finish, so no matter the look the result is a precise and waterproof finish.

Available in 5 shades:

  • black
  • brown
  • bronze
  • plum
  • indigo

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • Amazonian white clay: this nutrient rich clay is extracted from the banks of the Amazon River where the nutrients are at their highest concentration.
  • mineral pigments: colors and dyes derived from natural minerals
  • botanical waterproofing agent: waterproofing agent that is earth engineered
  • from a blend of natural plant waxes

multipleye waterproof mascaraStep 3 of the multiplEYE™ regimen can now be waterproofed! New multiplEYE™ natural lash enhancing waterproof mascara is perfect for those wanting to fortify lashes while increasing the appearance of lash length and growth. Whether you’re sunbathing (with SPF, of course), exercising or saying “I do” this is the ideal waterproof, sweat-proof & budge-proof natural formula for you!

Using a unique blend of high-performance natural™ botanical nutrients, Tarte has engineered a nourishing waterproof onyx-black mascara base infused with a proprietary HydroPlant™ peptide, a soy-amino super protein, to help stimulate lashes for increased appearance of length, growth and strength. The towering spiral brush separates and envelops each lash in the nutrient-rich formula to help promote the appearance of sky-high lashes without the prescription or the harmful side effects.

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • beeswax: creates a natural protective barrier while lengthening and seperating
  • carnauba wax : naturally extends, seperates and holds lash length and curl
  • soy protein: complete protein that fortifies, thickens and nourishes lashes
  • mineral pigments : colors and dyes derived from natural minerals
  • cellulose : natural plant derived thickening agent
  • botanical waterproofing agent: waterproofing agent that is earth engineered from a blend of natural plant waxes

lock and roll 12 hour eyeshadow by tarteDue to customer demand, Tarte is re-launching the lock and roll waterproof-shadow with a brand new formula and new shades, and it still won’t budge or crease.

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • vitamin E: enriched cream shadow glides on eyelids smoothly and evenly
  • mineral pigments: help soothe and soften skin, while adding luminosity and creating depth & dimension to eyes

how to:

  • step 1: Brush a sheer wash of the Vitamin E-enriched cream shadow on lids-wait about 10 seconds for it to dry.
  • step 2: Tap roller ball to actuate product, then roll the matching loose mineral based shadow directly on top-the binding agents in the cream shadow will lock with the powder, creating a crease-free, budgeproof finish.

Available in the following shades:

  • deep sapphire
  • burnt bronze
  • deep amethyst
  • moss
  • onyx

rise and shine lip stain and gloss by tarteThis is the ultimate wakeup-makeup for lips: the waterproof, rise and shine gel-based lip stain imparts a natural glow, while the cocktail of tripeptides in the lip-enhancing gloss stimulates collagen on the cellular level. Benzyl nicotinate, a natural ingredient works as a vasodilator, opening up capillaries which as a side effect create plumping. The result? A pout that’s pretty, polished, and plumped-up. It snaps apart so you can stain and go! Good morning, sunshine!

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • t5 super fruit complex™: proprietary blend of the five most active superfruits: goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate. The first blend of its kind, the t5 super fruit complex™ is loaded with naturally occurring, antioxidant rich nutrients and vitamins that have been known to deliver refining, anti-aging and skin restorative benefits with each application.
  • acai berry extract: fights free radicals, promotes cell regeneration, has skin softening properties & combats premature signs of aging
  • acerola: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which not only aid in brightening skin, but also help fight skin damaging free radicals
  • goji berry extract: nutrient dense berry often referred to as a ‘super fruit’ due to its numerous nutritional benefits
  • maracuja: known to reduce redness & irritation
  • pomergranate: high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C

Available in 6 shades:

  • mauve
  • cherry
  • pink
  • nectar
  • nude
  • berrylicious

how to:

  1. Apply lip stain as if it were a lipgloss (make sure to apply inside the natural lip line only).
  2. Wait about 15 seconds for stain to set, then apply lip-enhancing gloss. Reapply gloss as necessary throughout the day.

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