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American Beauty launches True Delight: a woodsy floral

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American Beauty launches True Delight: a woodsy floral

american beauty true delight perfumeAmerican Beauty, the grown up brand by Kohls, can always be counted on for a classic scent. This September, they aren’t disappointing, and are releasing True Delight.

I’m describing it as a woodsy floral, but they have this to say:

Experience True Delight with an irresistible blend of floral garden blooms, sparkling fruit, and sensual musky wood. Its signature ingredients, juicy peach and magnolia, make the fragrance as delightful as a perfect afternoon in just one spritz.

Now Smell This, a fabulous fragrance blog, lists other notes as bergamot, cassis, jasmine, muguet, tiare, camellia, iris, apricot, cool morning dew accord, musk, cedar and sandalwood.

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