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Five easy summer hairstyles that don’t require a great deal of time or skill

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Five easy summer hairstyles that don’t require a great deal of time or skill

Beachy waves hair style Great looking hair shouldn’t take forever to accomplish, and thankfully the easygoing styles of summer 2010 are especially simple, even for those of us without mad styling skills. Anyone can accomplish good hair with these five easy styles, and not spend a lot of time or money getting there.

Beach waves: The less messing with this style you do, the better. If you’re starting with freshly washed hair, blow dry with a large round brush to create volume. Spritz with a salt spray (try Bohemian Beach Spray by David Babaii), bend over at the waist and shake your head a few times. Stand back upright and don’t fuss with it. Use a touch of hairspray if you need to keep certain pieces in place, or try a smoothing serum like Ultimate Styling Heat Smoothing Styling Serum at the hairline to keep frizz down.

Bouffant: Big hair is back! This is welcome news for those of us who have always been fans. Creating a sexy bouffant is much easier than you think, simply spritz with a volumizer (Sebastian Volupt Volume Building Spray-Gel is wonderful) and blow dry with a round brush, creating large volume. Backcomb the crown from the place you would set a headband all the way down to the side above the ear. Part your hair in the middle and pin with bobby pins behind the ear. Also, you can brush straight back, pulling the sides up for a half up-do, and pin with bobby pins in the back. For extra volume, try Bumpits

Ballerina bun: This is a classic, timeless style that will always come in handy, especially when the weather is hot. Pull hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic. Grab the bottom of the ponytail and twist loosley. Wrap the twist around the base of the elastic and pin with bobby pins. To add interest to the front, tease hair from the crown to the face on the top and sides, then smooth back with a teasing brush or comb. Headbands always add interest as well.

Side ponytail: this is not the side pony you might remember from the early 80s – this is it’s sophisticated cousin. If your hair is already wavy, allow to dry naturally. If you have straight locks, blow dry with a diffuser or round brush. In case you haven’t noticed, I like a bit of volume at the crown, so consider teasing the hair just at the back of the head. Loosely pull your hair into a low pony on the side, and secure with an elastic. Use a bit of serum to control frizz.

Wavy bob: Spray damp hair with a root lifting spray like Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier and either let dry or blow dry with a round brush. Use a large barrel curling iron (doesn’t Hot Tools Big Bumper 1 1/2 Inch Professional Ceramic Curling Iron look cool?) to add imperfect curls at the crown and especially around the face. Again, this is not an over-styled look (are you catching a theme here? Undone is the keyword for 2010 hair looks), so don’t spend too much time getting it perfect.

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