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Review: Benefit’s Ooh La Lift

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Review: Benefit’s Ooh La Lift

Benefit Cosmetics ooh la lift eye concealerDo you love my beat up tube of ooh la lift eye balm – eye concealer? I’ve had it for a really long time, it was one of my first Benefit purchases many moons ago. It’s a staple of my routine, yet I can’t decide if it falls under makeup or skincare.

A touch of this on your undereye area gives you an instant boost – it contains light reflecting ingredients as well as a raspberry extract that seems to help wake up my tired eyes.

benefit ooh la lift eye concealer balm swatchOne shade really does work on everyone – it’s not pigmented, per se. It is more of a cooling tinted lotion that adds just a bit of lightness to that already-dark undereye area. It’s brilliant on those mornings when I’ve been up way too late the night before but need to look rested the next day.

ooh la lift eye balm – eye concealer is available at Benefit Cosmetics for $22.

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