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Three affordable body washes that stand out from the crowd

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Three affordable body washes that stand out from the crowd

four body washes from the drugstore worth checking outI like spending money as much as the next girl, but times are tight. I don’t always have beaucoup bucks to spend on a fancy body wash. Good thing that I can find exactly what I need for a fantastic price right at my nearest drugstore. These are three body washes that I’ve found that not only perform well but don’t cost a fortune.

Positively Nourishing Hydrating Body Wash by Aveeno is a favorite in our house right now. Not only does everyone seem to enjoy the fig scent, it is gentle enough not to dry out even those who have the most sensitive skin.

Daily Detox White Clay & Pink Jasmine by Tone also has a wonderful, yet not overpowering, floral scent. I love the detox aspect of it, especially the fact that it contains white clay. I swear, white clay and exfoliation make up 95% of my beauty routine!

Bodywash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons by Olay is an interesting find. I picked it up because it promised to improve my skin’s luminosity after five days, and I’m finding that it actually does. Plus, Olay is one of my favorite skin care companies, and I usually find that I can get away with not using an additional lotion when I use this wash, which is nice when I’m in a rush. Plus, it actually left just a touch of shimmer when I used it. Bonus!

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