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Sundance looks: Anne Heche at Cedar Rapids Premiere

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Sundance looks: Anne Heche at Cedar Rapids Premiere

anne heche sundance 2011Jeffery Paul created Anne Heche’s gorgeous updo at Sundance this past week. The key to this is creating shape and letting it be easy. At sundance if the cold or dry air doesn’t sway you to create casual hair do’s, then the relaxed comfortable vibe will. No one wants to feel that their look is trying too hard or is too complex and complicated. Anne was feeling just that, she wanted an easy do, that looked DIY, but had a complete look.

Paul used It’s a 10 products, including:

First  an awesome blow out using the miracle leave in treatment.  I love using the M.L. I. on damp hair. The leave in on damp hair helps seal in moisture into the hair shaft and leaves a luminous luster after styling.

After blow drying, warm a small amount of miracle serum on the palms of your hand and run through the hair shaft on the ends

Curl the Hair

  • Using a 1” ceramic iron, curl small sections by wrapping and twisting around the barrel of the iron.
  • Start at the bottom and move in a horizontal line around the head. Then start the next row above and move upwards
  • For a more wavy texture alternate how you wrap each curl as you rotate around the head.
  • When the hair is completely curled you can start the DIY updo.

Miracle fiber is used sparingly.  Warm a small amount on the palm of your hands and as you pin each section up, run in through your hands as you gather and pin.  The fiber will keep the shape of the curl while adding moisture and shine.

  • Take two fingers and place on the crown of your head, now draw a line towards each ear, but behind, and continue to the nape of the neck. This will be your base.
  • Take the base and brush upward. Make a small loose bun or pony tail and pin it.  The hair should be loose.
  • Choose a left or right side to part the hair. I like to part the hair over the arch of the eyebrow.
  • On the side that you parted the hair, smooth this back with a either paddle brush or a small bore bristle brush and pin into your base. Leave the ends loose and with a slight dangle.
  • If long then you can strategiclly pin and tuck in some of the ends.
  • Section the crown, by making a long V from the crown, and  pin away to finish it last.
  • The other side. Loosely gather with your hands and pin into the base also leaving the ends to dangle.

The top

  • Unpin the top section and with a small round brush comb forward and twist as you brush, if your hair has too much curl then use the blow dryer to smooth and create a soft wave and bang.
  • Lightly mist with miracle shine spray.
  • If the hair looks too perfect then actually squish the hair with your hands to loosen and relax.

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