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The top five of 2010: makeup edition

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The top five of 2010: makeup edition

retrodivas best of 2010So much makeup, so little time. There is so much out there, and I wish I could mention all of the products that I’ve enjoyed this year. However, that would take me another year to finish this post, and the point is to wrap it up in a reasonable amount of time. So, here are the top five that I have incorporated into my own routine and can’t live without.

  1. Luminess Air Premium System: this was gifted to me at The Makeup Show in NYC this past year, and once I overcame my fear of makeup in a machine it has become one of my main methods of applying foundation. I’m still working on my technique for airbrushed eye makeup, but it’s coming along. The Luminess system is much easier to use than you would think, and the results are professional grade. Make sure your foundation shade is correct, and you will never go back to liquid foundation.
  2. 88 Color Cool Shimmer Palette: I’ve seen this same palette sold by a number of companies: Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, many, many more. I picked mine up at The Makeup Show for much less than what it retails for, and it has given me HOURS of entertainment. While the color pots are rather small, you have enough colors to create millions of combinations. I have the shimmer palette, but there are matte palettes, as well as warm tone palettes, so the options are really limitless. Even at the retail price of about $20, this is an excellent buy for any makeup junkie. And the colors are nicely pigmented as well, so you don’t have a huge selection of shades that don’t show up very well like some palettes we know of.
  3. Urban Decay Loves New York: this was a limited edition and isn’t available any longer, but this is one of the best Urban Decay products I’ve ever bought, and that’s saying quite a bit, as I have a fairly large collection. The packaging is certainly the winner here for me, as I love New York beyond reason, and love the little light up mirror, art, and pull out drawer. The shades are mostly existing colors, but a few new ones were added, most notable of which is my beloved Rockstar, a dark purple shimmer with no glitter. Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows are always an amazing value, but are even more beloved when the theme is so near and dear to my little heart.
  4. Studio Secrets Professional Secret No.1 Magic Perfecting Base: L’Oreal was one of the first mass market brands to introduce a makeup primer, and they did it well. At only $13 for for 1.5 ounces, it’s one of the best values available. The product itself is wonderful – smooths fine lines and hides pores. In fact, I’ve found that it does a wonderful job as a stand alone product for evening out skin and as an all around “perfector”.
  5. Light Pink colour supplement: Lush once again put themselves into my heavy rotation list with this colour supplement product. The concept is simple: mix a bit of this pigmented base color into your favorite moisturizer to create your own personalized tinted moisturizer. The product lasts for EVER because you only need a touch of it to get the color you need. You can use the supplement straight for concealer, if needed, with no adverse affects to your skin.

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