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The top five of 2010: skin care edition

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The top five of 2010: skin care edition

retrodivas best of 2010I am convinced that a good skin care regimen is the basis of beauty. We all know how important it is to keep sunscreen on our skin all year long (right?) to fight aging as well as skin cancer. We know that there are great anti-aging systems out there at all price points, and we know that acne is no longer a social death sentence.

I personally have potentially problematic skin. I can break out quickly if I don’t keep a handle on my routine and use only products that are completely non-comedogenic. It’s tough finding anti-aging products that work well with my oily skin, so I am forever switching it up and trying new things. Some work great, others not so much. Here are my top five for 2010:

  • PEAU ÉQUILIBRÉE Sérum Balance Pour Le Visage by Votre Vu. I’m not sure what exactly is in this serum that works so well with my skin, but it’s a keeper. This is one of the first products that I’ve tried that actually works to control the oil on my face, even though I don’t see anything about that benefit in their marketing materials. It’s a lovely light serum that goes on smoothly and lasts most of the day. I can make it to about 3 PM before needing to blot excess oil, and that’s a new record for me.
  • Exten-10 Instant Youth Boosting Moisturizer SPF 15 by GoodSkin Labs. GoodSkin Labs is actually under the Estee Lauder umbrella, and Estee has some of the best skin care out there. This moisturizer not only has SPF protection, it’s not greasy, which is huge for me. While it claims to make you look 10 years younger, I don’t know if that’s true. I haven’t bothered to pull out some photos and compare, but I do like what it does for my skin. This one is a keeper.
  • Origins Zero Oil Oil-free lotion with Saw Palmetto & Mint. I love not only the smell of this naturally inclined line, but the addition of salicylic acid does wonders keeping the excess oil at bay. Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid, is one of the best anti-acne ingredients out there, and it also helps with anti-aging by removing debris and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It is one of the only ingredients proven to actually cut through the layer of oil on the skin and penetrate into the pores. Combined with an oil-free moisturizer, this is almost a miracle product for those of us with older oily skin.
  • Borlind Ultra Stick by German line Annemarie Borlind. This is a handy little blemish fighter, totally portable and easy to use. Contains salicylic acid and can be applied as often as needed. It clears up blemishes without leaving a flaky mess behind, and contains other natural ingredients.
  • Mario Badescu Drying Cream. Mario Badescu is my go-to line for my breakout needs. This year I discovered the drying cream which is a super powerful cream that you can apply morning or night which clears up any problem areas while toning down the redness that is often associated with breakouts. I can apply this at night and wake up to a significantly lesser problem than I had when I went to sleep the night before. Fragrance-free and easy to use.

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