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Your best face: skincare in 2011 – Prep Microdermabrasion by YBF

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Your best face: skincare in 2011 – Prep Microdermabrasion by YBF

PREP Microdermabrasion your best face ybfMy love affairs with exfoliators goes way back to when I was first introduced to premium skincare as a teenager. Back then, going to the Clinique counter was a huge deal, and it was there that I learned to type my skin and figure out exactly what I needed to keep the problems under control. Remember the sliding question/answer display they had to determine which number your skin was? I was a type 3, which included my bar soap, a toner, and their standard yellow moisturizer along with a weekly exfoliant that I loved.

I no longer use Clinique, but I use an exfoliator every other day as a minimum. I’ve tried some great ones, some not-so-great ones, and some really awful ones. However, PREP has to be one of the best I’ve ever tried.

PREP has microdermabrasion crystals in it, which I love. The best part is that they aren’t sharp – ever tried a microdermabrasion that just hurts? You won’t have that problem here. The crystals along with alpha arbutin whisk away dead skin and debris to help brighten and balance skin. The addition of niacin helps with the refreshed look my skin has after a good scrub.

Not only does PREP help with anti-aging by reducing fine lines, it helps remove blackheads as well. You will need to use it consistently to see this benefit, but it will happen. Those with sensitive skin will want to make sure to do a patch test before using on the entire face. Use as a scrub, then leave on as a mask for even more antioxidant and peptide benefits.

PREP is available at The Skin Care Shop for $80 and comes with a big seal of approval from Retrodiva’s Beauty.

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