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Searching for my perfect oud scent: By Kilian Incense Oud

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Searching for my perfect oud scent: By Kilian Incense Oud

By Kilian Incense OudSince my beloved Tom Ford oud scent turned out to be disappointing, I turned to one of my favorite lines, By Kilian to continue my search for my perfect, wearable oud. Can you imagine my surprise to discover that Incense Oud de Parfum By Kilian doesn’t actually have any oud?

I was baffled. I could have sworn it was there. Not right away, but as the day wore on, I just knew that it had developed perfectly on my skin. The sillage was just right, and it didn’t disappear on my skin. I had found my oud! But wait. No oud.

Sidonie Lancesseur, who created two other fragrances for By Kilian, Cruel Intentions and Straight to Heaven managed to create the illusion of oud in this beautiful fragrance by combining just the right amount of cedar, amber, and patchouli, I think. While I am normally turned off by patchouli, it only adds a deeper layer here, and you get none of the traditional stink you would associate with it.

The listed notes include Guatemala cardamom, pink pepper, Turkish rose, Egyptian geranium, methyl pamplemousse, Virginia cedarwood, Indonesian patchouli, Indian papyrus, Somalia incense (oil and absolute), sandalwood, Macedonian oakmoss, Spanish cistus labdanum, and musks.

This is not a sweet, floral fragrance. Nor is it medicinal. It’s deep, complex, mysterious and woody, but it’s still feminine enough to make the wearer feel beautiful. It smells like an oud, to be sure, but no oud!


I still love it, however, and may purchase a full bottle. However, I am going back to Mme.¬†Lancesseur’s previous work in the Kilian line to see if I missed an exceptional oud there.

I’m still looking!

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