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I’m having a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab moment

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I’m having a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab moment

Black Phoenix Alchemy LabI’ve been a huge fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (or BPAL as it’s known) for some time. However, I recently placed a new order and have been unable to stop sniffing my new witchy perfume oil.

As far as perfumeries go, BPAL is pretty unassuming. Their website is a touch difficult (although endlessly entertaining – I spent at least an hour reading their various descriptions) to navigate, but you’ll have a huge amount of fragrances to choose from. Each 5 mL bottle only costs about $17.50, but you won’t get the feeling that you’re getting cheap perfume oils from your local head shop. These are expertly crafted and well thought out, and so much fun to wear.

My recent purchase was Hetairae. I have a thing about ancient Greece, and loved the notes listed: golden honey, patchouli, sweet fig, clove, and ylang ylang. I wore it out on Wednesday night, and couldn’t stop sniffing myself. A lovely, lovely blend.

Yes, I hear those of you who know a thing or two about ancient Greece saying, “but, Retrodiva, you know who the Hetairae were, right?” Yes! Of course I do. They were the courtesans of ancient Greece. BUT! They were highly educated, extremely independent, and women of their very own means. Extremely unusual in those times. So trust me when I say you won’t be running around smelling like a cheap tart – it’s an elegant scent that definitely inspires curiosity.

Hetairae by BPAL is available only online for $17.50/5 mL.

Have you tried any BPAL fragrances? I’d love to hear what you think of them and which ones you’ve sniffed.

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