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Winter skin got you down? Try this new cream oil body wash by Dove

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Winter skin got you down? Try this new cream oil body wash by Dove

I don’t know about you, but about this time of year, my skin has had enough. Enough of the cold weather, the dry indoor air, the overall lack of moisture, and the brisk wind that causes the most annoying itchy flakes on my otherwise-normal skin. Yes, my friends, my skin is in revolt, and I am trying to get it back in shape before spring.

Enter the new Dove Nutrium Moisture Shea Butter Cream Oil Body Wash. While I’m not a huge fan of the warm vanilla sugar scent (much too sweet for me, but I’m not a sweet girl – and most people will probably adore it), I am a huge fan of the benefits it is bringing to my overburdened skin. The shea butter is divine, and the Nutrium Moisture technology seems to be paying off, as sometimes I can even exit the shower without adding another thick layer of body oil.

Best of all is the price. You can grab it at most drugstores and mass retailers for no more than $8.99.

Also, Dove is sponsoring a contest at the moment that you should consider entering, where one real woman will win an authentic ‘Dancing with the Stars’ experience otherwise reserved for celebrities, is now open for entries through March 26. Women can enter by visiting and submitting a 60-second video sharing why they are ready for this close-up opportunity. Good luck!

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