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BPAL’s Wanderlust collection: Manhattan

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BPAL’s Wanderlust collection: Manhattan

black phoenix alchemy labThere was no way this blend wasn’t going to make it into my shopping cart on my recent visit to the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. My love for New York City is well known (and well documented!), and I tend to collect any beauty product that even remotely mentions the city.

The Manhattan blend is supposed to embody sexuality, power, and confidence. The listed notes include sheer amber, black leather, white mint, lemon peel, grapefruit, white tea, kush, teakwood, and orchid. The opening is a sharp citrus – it really stands out and makes itself known, which seems to be fairly characteristic of citrus notes. However, it does fade away, leaving behind a truly sophisticated fragrance that, while not lasting a terribly long time, makes one think of old New York.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Manhattan is available at BPAL for $17.50/5mL.

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