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Get your relax on with Naive Beauty’s Magneteyes

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Get your relax on with Naive Beauty’s Magneteyes

Naive Beauty Skin CareI adore eye patch treatments that stick on under your eyes and help remove puffiness and dark circles. Not because they are an amazing skin product that work so well, but because I almost always use them as a perfect excuse to lie down and have a few minutes relax time. Skin benefits are purely secondary.

This time, I’m enjoying my Naive Beauty Magneteyes. These are great for increasing the moisture around the eyes, firming the skin, reducing puffiness, and helping to eliminate dark circles. The best part is, they do actually work. While nothing can help certain dark circles (especially those due to broken capillaries under the skin), mine are usually due to allergies so a quick lie-down with these patches and a drop of allergy drops, and I’m as good as new. Same with puffiness – almost always an allergy problem.

To use Magneteyes, simply open the package, and apply the patches to freshly cleaned skin under the eyes. Naive Beauty says that you don’t need to lie down to reap the benefits, but honestly – who couldn’t use a 30 minute rest with the benefit of some great looking eyes afterward? Take advantage of the time!

The main ingredients are:

  • sorbitol (algae): an effective humectant
  • silicone oil: derived from silica, this emollient soothes and softens the skin
  • cellulose: derived from the cell walls of plants, it leaves a very thin layer of oil to help slow moisture loss
  • collagen: plant-based collagen can help restore skin’s elasticity.

I’m also a fan of Naive Beauty’s philosophy – they are an Australian brand that is concerned with bringing you skincare that works without all the hype. All the ingredients are listed, and they don’t promise over-the-moon results. Just honest, realistic skincare.

Naive Beauty Magneteyes are available at for $36 AUD with free shipping.

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