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Beauty Blogs Backstage: My Lips But Better

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Beauty Blogs Backstage: My Lips But Better

Beauty Blogs Backstage

My Lips But Better is a fantastic review blog that manages to touch the very high end (are you interested in the new yellow Chanel nail polish?) along with drugstore favorites (she really liked the L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow). I managed to catch up to her and ask her seven questions about beauty stuff – check out her answers and be sure to head on over to her blog and check it out.

1. What is your favorite go-to makeup line and why? Probably MAC because their products are great quality (for the most part, every brand has a few duds) and the prices are good compared to high end brands. Plus, the brushes are amazing.

2. How often do you blog? I try to post 7 days a week but it usually ends up being more like 6. I vary between writing most of my posts on the weekend and scheduling them ahead vs. writing posts the night before they go up.

3. Where is your favorite place to buy beauty items? I love Sephora! Department stores still intimidate me, so I love having the freedom to try things out without pushy salespeople. I also love to shop online because you can get such good discounts that way.

4. Those of us in the US are always fascinated by brands in other countries. What UK brands do you recommend us Yanks try? Haha well actually I am a U.S. blogger but I’m friends with a lot of U.K. bloggers so I still have some ideas. I’m beyond jealous of British people’s access to Boots, Shu Uemura, Barry M, Lanolips, Bioderma, and Rouge Bunny Rouge. I hope to see some of these brands in person when I visit London this summer!

5. Tell us about your skin care routine – do you always do the same thing? I tend to set a routine and stick with it as long as my skin looks good. Right now I remove my makeup with a Yes to Blueberries wipe when I get home, then wash with Cerave Foaming cleanser before bed and either apply a retinoid cream or some Korres Yogurt moisturizer (alternating nights). In the morning I just rinse my face with water and make sure to wear sunscreen during the day.

6. What is your overall makeup philosophy? More is less? More is more? Full on glam all the time? For me personally? I like a more natural look with a lot of emphasis on real looking skin (I love freckles) and the lashline. But overall, my philosophy is that you should wear whatever makes you feel best. Some people prefer more makeup than me and some people prefer less – I don’t look down on any of them.

7. How many bottles of nail polish do you own? I’m actually pretty good about this… I make sure to swap/sell the ones I’m not using on a regular basis. I’m not at home to count right now, but I think it’s about 35 (including base and top coats).


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