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e.l.f. eye makeup remover pads reviewe

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e.l.f. eye makeup remover pads reviewe

e.l.f. eye makeup remover padIt can be challenging to pack every essential you need when it’s time to travel, especially in this day and age of TSA regulations and rules. Pads and wipes are always a good choice over bottles of eye makeup remover and cotton pads when you’re getting through security, so I purchased the e.l.f. Essentials Eye Makeup Remover Pads during a recent Total Beauty deal.

First off, the pads are really small, which isn’t a problem if you don’t use a large amount of eye makeup. However, since it’s me, and I pile it on, they were way too small for me to use effectively. Using one pad for both eyes was simply out of the question, and I had a hard time getting everything off using both the front and the back.

Secondly, they BURNED. AHHHHH…FIRE ON MY EYES! It was not good. Not good at all.

Needless to say, I threw them in my drawer, where they will languish until I forget how much it burned, and I will discover them someday and try it again. I’m nothing if not honest.

Skip these. Try a drugstore brand wipe instead. Saving a dollar or two isn’t worth it when it comes to burning eyeballs.

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