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YBF continues to amaze with Balance lotion

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YBF continues to amaze with Balance lotion

ybf balanceEarlier this year I reviewed Prep by YBF, and declared it one of the best skincare items of the year. Now I have another favorite by YBF, one that works especially well for those with irritated, blemish-prone, and oily skin: Balance.

Balance actually does what many products claim to do but fail – it helps control oil production. After smoothing this anti-aging formulation on, my oily skin was nice and matte and even managed to stay that way for hours, with no touch-ups necessary for the rest of the day. Impressive for my skin. The magic ingredient that helps with this is nylon-10 and niacin which help to absorb and regulate oil production.

It also helps reduce irritation, something that I’ve been needing quite a bit lately, as my skin has been unpredictable at best. From the YBF website:

Niacin helps reduce flare-ups caused by rosacea and acne. Bisabolol, hyaluronate and azulene soothe, hydrate and help your skin settle down and recuperate from whatever ails it — including breakouts, razor burn and irritation from harsh weather or products.
The addition of L-carnosine, which is a great anti-ager, also helps rejuvenate skin —  keeping it feeling and looking great.

Finally, vitamin B5 and tetradecythioacetic acid help combat breakouts, even when used under makeup and other skin care products.

It can be hard to find anti-aging skincare products that also cater to skin that is breakout prone. If that describes you, you need YBF Balance in  your life.

One ounce retails for $45. Find out more at YBF.

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