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Mally Roncal and Visine team up to develop a great beach look

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Mally Roncal and Visine team up to develop a great beach look

mally roncalDo you wear makeup to the beach? I have to admit, normally I don’t, especially if I’m just walking across the street to our local bayfront. But I can think of a number of times that a bit of makeup would be welcome – a beach party, a wedding, an outing with friends and tropical beverages. Mally Roncal, a celebrated makeup artist and creator of her own line has a few ideas for you.

A notorious glamorista, Mally says “Of course I wear makeup to the beach!  And don’t think just because you’re sun-kissed you don’t need to wear makeup.  The key is to look polished but not overdone. ”

An easy beach or poolside look Mally rocks:

…And when the elements get the best of you:

  • Diffuse a sunburn and bring your skin tone to more of a natural color with a dusting of powder foundation, then make sure to work with neutral colors so you don’t draw attention to the redness
  • Even the most flawless makeup can’t hide red, irritated eyes – luckily VISINE® Summer Spectrum Relief™ is specifically formulated to soothe irritation and redness caused by chlorine, salt water, sun and wind so keep one in your beach bag at all times

After a day at the beach, have fun with a colorful summer look:

  • Pink up your pout with fuchsia lipstick and make eyes pop with a bold blue, green or even yellow eyeliner
  • If you go bright, go big…don’t mix bright hues like hot pink, electric blue or green with anything too dark and earthy

At the end of a long summer day:

  • Before you wash your face, gently remove eye makeup (even stubborn waterproof mascara!) with Visine Total Eye Soothing Wipes.  Store them in the fridge for an extra-cool, refreshing treat.  These are also great on the go!


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