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Infusium 23 releases collection designed to help fight frizzy hair

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Infusium 23 releases collection designed to help fight frizzy hair

Frizz Controller Collection - Infusium 23 - Anti Frizz Products & Treatment I haven’t tried Infusium 23 since high school, and back then it was just about the only leave in conditioner for damaged hair. And believe me, I damaged my hair in high school. In fact, I’m damaging it still, but that’s for a different post.

I was given the Frizz Controller collection to try, and I made an exception to my no-sulfates rule to check it out. I used the shampoo only on my roots, avoiding it elsewhere. I used the conditioner liberally, as well as the leave-in treatment.

Overall, I think this is a solid hair care system for those with frizzy hair, and the price is certainly right. The shampoo and conditioner runs about $6.99 as does the leave in treatment, so the price is certainly reasonable. And it is also easy to find in most drugstores and mass retailers.

Overall my hair felt healthy, moisturized, and it helped with the frizz. Leaving the leave in treatment out of the equation made a difference in the frizziness, but not the softness.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this for people who battle the frizzies and don’t feel that hair care should be expensive.

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