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More nail appliques: Nail Bliss Bling

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More nail appliques: Nail Bliss Bling

Nail Bliss Bling Nail AppliquesI’m really into nail strips or appliques that are easy to apply. Nail Bliss Bling brings something a little more to the table with gems instead of just color. You can wear them over color as accents or on their own.

These are thick strips, and not as easy to apply as the Sally Hansen strips. The concept is the same – you lay them on your nail and file the excess off. Because these have more adhesive, you need an industrial style nail file. The effects last up to three days.

Honestly, I expected a little more out of these than I actually got. With as thick as the appliques were, you’d think that you would get more than a couple of days wear, but it’s not true. It started to chip on the ends within six hours. I can be hard on my nails, but that seemed odd.

The effects were cute, though. I loved the pink polka dots that I chose, I just wish they would have lasted longer.

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Pick up Nail Bliss Bling at Sally Beautyfor about $4.99.

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