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Summer beach waves are easy with Rsession’s Naluwaver

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Summer beach waves are easy with Rsession’s Naluwaver

rsession tools naluwaverIf you have longer hair, it’s the season for beach waves. This popular hair style doesn’t appear to be leaving our collective consciousness very long, and there are a millon ways to achieve it. Some easy, some not so easy.

In the easier category comes the Rsession Tools Naluwaver. It takes some time to get used to, but once you have it down, it’s going to be second nature. Here is the best way to use it:

Start by prepping hair with a thickening spray and blowdrying hair with hands instead of a brush. Hair shouldn’t be too clean, or it may have trouble holding a curl, especially if you have very fine hair. Spray with a thermal spray before using the iron.

Divide hair into sections and wrap in a figure eight pattern around the double barrels, starting about two inches from the scalp. Don’t forget to wear the heat glove that comes with the iron, as this will keep your fingers from getting burnt to a crisp (trust me on this one). Hold hair for about 30 to 45 seconds for a strong curl. It should look like this:

curling hair with the rsession naluwaver

Set the hair with hairspray and comb through with fingers to create messy waves.

The Rsession Tools Naluwaver is available at Ricky’s NYC for $149.99.

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