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Help heal summer hair with three amazing deep conditioners

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Help heal summer hair with three amazing deep conditioners

Summer can take it’s toll – between the sun, chlorine, sea water, and heat processing, hair can start looking extremely dull by the time the summer wraps up. These three deep conditioners not only help heal hair, but impart an amazing shine, helping hair recover from all the summertime fun. Use once a week for normal hair, three times a week for damaged or dry hair. For an extra special conditioning system, apply mask to hair, then put on a cheap shower cap. Wrap a hot damp towel over the shower cap and let sit for 15 minutes.

Intense Renewal Mask by NuMeNuMe is a brand that is new to me and has a limited distribution, available only on the site and Amazon. However, their deep conditioner is superb – applied while in the shower, it penetrates deeply and leaves a long-lasting shine. I have been turning to this Intense Renewal Mask more and more as the summer goes on. $18.99 at

one n only argan oil hydrating mask
One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask 8 oz.
is Sally Beauty’s answer to Moroccan Oil. This heavy-duty treatment is not only cheaper, but it performs pretty much the exact same way as far as I can tell. It has that typical earthy nut scent which lasts, and does a great job at increasing the shine factor on my otherwise rather dull looking hair. $9.49 at

neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair maskThis Neutrogena line is often overlooked, and I can’t figure out why. If you have dry or damaged hair, you could do far worse than this drugstore favorite. The mask is very hydrating, and even with my dry hair, once a week is sufficient. Available at most drugstores and mass merchants, or $8.99 at

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