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Instantly add length to your ponytail with a clip in hair piece

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Instantly add length to your ponytail with a clip in hair piece

clip in  hair piece - retrodivas beautyOut of all the hair pieces I own, I certainly get the most comments on this one. Probably because it’s quite dramatic, but that is also what makes it so fun. This piece looks like it would be simple to use, but when you have as much thick hair as I do and only one alligator type clip to work with, it takes a bit of work.

I tease my hair starting at the crown and working forward, also including the sides, spraying each section as I go. Smooth out with a brush, then pull the sides back, as if creating a half-up do, and pin with bobby pins. This keeps a bit of height. Take the rest of your hair and twist it into a french twist and pin again.

The trick here is to pin each of these two groups of hair fairly close together. Take your alligator clip in hair piece and make sure it grabs enough hair on each side to keep it in place. It will feel tight and secure. I like to wrap a narrow scarf around my head for a more retro look, but that certainly isn’t necessary. And this clip in is firm – it stood up to a night of dancing to 80′s music in a local bar. I didn’t have to adjust it one single time.

The bad news is that this clip might be trickier to find than the other ones. I found this one at a small wholesale import shop in Dallas, Texas for about $9. However, although they aren’t online, if you walk into a Ricky‚Äôs NYC, you will see pieces like this on display with the wigs and extensions. I believe they were priced somewhere around $12 or $13. I also did some digging around on eBay, and found several sellers, like this one, who sold something very similar, although they mostly seem to be based in Hong Kong. The price is right, though, and many of them don’t charge shipping, so that’s a bonus.

The other bad news is that these cheaper pieces are almost always synthetic hair, which means you cannot use heat on them. To add curl or bounce, I wet them and set them in velcro rollers, leaving them be for at least a day or two. This will freshen the piece up if it’s starting to look a bit tired. Avoid brushing and washing – it’s just not worth the hassle.

Essentially, you are looking for a piece that has a clip like this:

hair clip by retrodivas beautyThe length doesn’t matter. In fact, I cut off about three inches from this piece because I thought it was just too long to be believable. I also have one that is shorter, and I use it to pull the hair from the sides of my face back. It makes me look like I have a HUGE head of hair.

Have you ever tried a clip like this?

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