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Katy Perry’s vintage hair at the VMA’s broken down

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Katy Perry’s vintage hair at the VMA’s broken down

katy perry vma 2011Did anyone watch the VMA’s last night? I admit that I had it on for a bit, but lost interest fairly quickly and switched over to my usual Sunday night viewing – True Blood and Breaking Bad. I did manage to catch Katy Perry’s entrance (how cute was it that Russell Brand escorted her in?), and had to marvel at her hair.

Not the style, although I definitely love the retro vibe. But the color. What color is that? What is going on there? Any ideas? I can’t decide if I’m a fan.

But leaving the color aside for a moment, Renato Campora, stylist for Fredric Fekkai, created this look for her. He began by creating a side part to the wet hair. He applied Fekkai Full Volume Mousse Body Building Foam (, $23) throughout the hair to build a strong and reliable base.  Renato then blow-dried the hair using a round brush. Once the hair was completely dry, he used a ½ inch curling iron to add shape. After letting the curls cool off he allowed the curls to set for 15 minutes and then brushed through the hair.  Renato used Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray (, $38) to secure the look, adding a lasting finish and shine. To create the final touch, Renato took a one-inch strand of the hair and pinned it back with a vintage hairpiece, securing it with a bobby pin.

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