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KIM brushes are professional with a attainable price tag

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KIM brushes are professional with a attainable price tag

kim brushesThere are so many brushes out there, and I’m always surprised at how expensive many of them are. Which would be fine, if they weren’t made of subpar ingredients. In fact, I’m convinced with many lines that you are simply paying for a name, and while that’s great if you can afford it, why? It’s not like anyone is going to inspect your brushes and see if they are designer or not. I say save that money for a fabulous purse or pair of shoes.

KIM Brushes are professional quality at an excellent price point. This set of four brushes, which make up the Basic Set, is $68. Pretty reasonable, no? And these are brushes that you will use every day. Included is a Flat Dome (F202) which I am using for foundation and concealer, a Taklon (F231) all purpose brush which is perfect for setting powders and bronzers, an Eye (E112) brush which is a go-to for applying shadow, and the Small Angle Eye/Eyebrow (E131) which I use to fill in my brows and apply gel liner.

All the brushes are available to purchase individually, and there are three great kits: Basic, Full, and Pro. The entire line is available on their website: KIM Professional Makeup.

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