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Serge Lutens lipstick summed up: pigmented, exclusive, and pricey

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Serge Lutens lipstick summed up: pigmented, exclusive, and pricey

Serge Lutens Refillable Lipstick - RetrodivasBeauty.comPutting on Serge Lutens lipstick is rather like sliding into an amazing designer dress that was created to fit your body perfectly. There is an overwhelming sense of luxury in these pigmented shades, one that simply cannot be compared to a drugstore lipstick.

At $75 a pop, these aren’t for everyone. But they are refillable, which is nice. The colors are pure, and they are extremely long-lasting, as a lipstick should be.

On the swatch to the left, the colors are from bottom to top:

  • Mise a Mort – a pure red
  • Roman Rouge – red with a brick tint, excellent for warmer tones
  • Pourpre Maure – blue based red, excellent for cooler tones
  • Or Frele – the sheerest in the lot, with shimmer
  • Rose des Glaces – pinkish nude shimmer
  • Mauve de Swann – sheer mauve with shimmer
Serge Lutens lipstick line is best experienced firsthand. They are available exclusively at

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