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Are you over the crackle trend yet? One more and that’s all.

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Are you over the crackle trend yet? One more and that’s all.

sally hansen crackle over zoyaWhen Michelle at All Lacquered Up says that she’s tired of crackle, I know the trend is on the way out. (If you’re interested in the next big nail trend, head on over and read about magnetic nail polish.) I’ve had crackle on my nails for a couple of months now, so I’m pretty tired of it. But I also get tired of the pinks and bronzes of summer – I always look forward to the reds, blues, and darker shades of fall.

But before I let summer go, I used the Sally Hansen gold crackle over a long discontinued Zoya polish. Overall, I’m pretty meh about it. It’s nothing special, but the gold stands out when you put it over a light blue, such as For Audrey by China Glaze.

The Sally Hansen crackle polish is a bit trickier to work with – it’s almost as if it gets a bit gloopy on the brush. You also have to break yourself of the habit of loading your brush with a good deal of polish (or maybe that’s just my habit?), because the trick to working with this crackle is to keep it thin and apply it quick. That translates to some good news – it dries crazy fast.

This Sally Hansen crackle is a limited edition polish, so if you have any interest at all in this trend, hop on it now. I doubt we’ll see too much more of it. It’s everywhere at the moment – Ulta,, Walgreens – I purchased mine at Rite Aid for $6.99.

Now excuse me, while I go find an incredible red to polish my nails with before I leave for New York City.

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