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Lost and found: Korres Natural Blush discovered in my makeup bin

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Lost and found: Korres Natural Blush discovered in my makeup bin

Korres Natural Blush in PeachI have been searching for this blush for AGES. When I first received it, I couldn’t stop using it, even though I normally avoid peach shades like the swine flu. But this one actually looked really good on my skin, and I loved how easy it was to apply and blend. Plus, it didn’t have any annoying flecks of glitter, or too much shimmer, which really doesn’t look all that good on the skin of those of us who are of a certain age.

Then I stuck it in a bin to remind myself that I needed to write about it, and said bin then disappeared in the depths of my (very) messy desk. I finally went to clean it a few days ago, and discovered it again. I was so happy, I sat down immediately to swatch and photograph.

I truly think this shade would look good on most skin tones. While I tend to lean towards cool, I have a friend who is more warm, and I used it on her to great success. It’s sulfate/paraben/pthalate free, and of course, free of any synthetic fragrances. It’s tricky to see in the swatch photo below, but the shade just blends so well that it’s very easy to work with.

Korres Natural Blush in Peach can be found on Amazon for $24. You may also find it in certain Sephora stores, although it might be like spotting a unicorn. It seems to be fairly easy to find Korres skin care, but the makeup line is more elusive, which is unfortunate, because it’s quite excellent.

Korres Natural Blush in Peach swatch

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