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Salon day: a visit to the Revolver Salon inside Rickys NYC in Soho

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Salon day: a visit to the Revolver Salon inside Rickys NYC in Soho

Revolver Salon at Rickys NYCWhile I was in New York City for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to pop into the Revolver Salon inside Rickys NYC. Now, we all know that I LOVE me some Rickys – you can find just about any beauty need ever in there, plus a few that you didn’t know you needed. Besides getting a fabulous blowout, my stylist, Lu, gave me this amazing deep conditioning treatment called Nigelle Hy, formulated for dry, coarse hair.

Nigelle Hy (the Hy stands for Hydration, I’m told) is a Japanese product that was formulated to meet the needs of those who chemically straightened and used heat tools on their hair. You can use it directly after coloring or chemical straightening, and it will not strip your color at all. The product is applied ┬áin the salon and allowed to sit for about 15 minutes, after which you wash out and style as normal. Once styling is done, I saw an immediate and noticeable difference in the softness and shininess of my hair. Even more interesting was that Lu didn’t use nearly as many heat tools on my hair as I typically do. I often blow dry and flat iron or curl, whereas Lu simply blow dried my hair and didn’t use any special styling products. I usually use about four.

The product is extremely long-lasting as well, plus you receive four ampules to use once a week to freshen up the conditioning. It has been nearly a week, and I still don’t need to use any smoothing styling products. There are three different formulations: fine, normal, and coarse hair. We decided to use the coarse formula for me, as my hair is thick, coarse, dry, and borders on a bit damaged.

Overall, it was a great visit to a fun salon (check out my photos in the slideshow!), and the conditioning treatment is well worth the price and the visit. Visit Revolver Salon to contact them and find out which treatment is best for your hair. And while you’re there, be sure to pick up some Ricky’s goodies!

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