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Trying to save money? DIY Feather Hair Extensions are easy and cheap

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Trying to save money? DIY Feather Hair Extensions are easy and cheap

feather hair extensions tutorialIf you are a DIY type of person, then you should be checking out They have some fun tutorials and how-tos, and it’s always fun to run into something beauty related. This time I found a tutorial for DIY feather hair extensions and wanted to share.

The list of supplies might take a bit of effort to collect, so plan ahead. Here is what you need:

  • rooster feathers – can be found at beauty supply stores, or even cheaper at sporting goods stores.
  • crimping beads – again, beauty supply stores will almost always have these. Amazon has them as well.
  • crimping tool – these look like pliers and should be available at beauty supply stores. Amazon always has things like this.
  • glue – fabric glue would work well, but whatever you choose should be waterproof.
  • bobby pin – should be easy enough!

To create the extensions:

  • glue feathers together in a bunch using the waterproof glue
  • get a small strand of hair through the end of the bobby pin (the round part in the back)
  • slide a crimping bead onto the bobby pin and pull hair through the loop
  • pull the feathers through the bead which is already in your hair
  • move the bead with the feathers as close to your scalp as possible, then use the crimping tool to squeeze the bead closed.

That’s it! The original tutorial with pictures can be found here. Many thanks to’s Annie220588 for the great idea!

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