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Add some no-committment hair color to your Halloween celebrations

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Add some no-committment hair color to your Halloween celebrations

temporary hair colorHalloween is a great time to try out some new hair colors, even if it’s bright green or pink glitter. After all, there aren’t many days where you can pass off that kind of hair without people wondering if you have some sort of affliction. Especially if you are of an age. Here are five favorite temporary hair color options that wash out in your next shower.

  • Jerome Russel Team Colors Sweat Resistant Hair Color Spray: created for cheerleaders and other active sports types, this is a perfect product if you know you’re going to be getting down and dirty. Available in brights such as purple, red, green, blue, and white. $4.99
  • Manic Panic Dyehard Temporary Hair Color Gel: pretty much the gold standard for bright and amazing colors. The range is pretty incredible from metallics to neons that glow under black lights, you can find exactly what you need in this line. It’s not a spray, so you can do some precise applications. $8.40
  • Streaks n Tips Temporary Highlight Spray: this is a more subtle color, awesome for adding glitter, shine, and highlights. It’s also on sale at Sally Beauty for $3.99.
  • Beyond the Zone Color Bombz Temporary Hair Color: wild shades like Manic Panic only in spray form. Glitter, metallics, and solid colors abound in an impressive color line. $5.99
  • Clairol Jazzing Temporary Hair Color: This is a bit longer lasting than our other picks, and the color payoff is more sheer, but this semi-permanent can add a gorgeous shiny color accents to your hair in only a few minutes. No mixing, no fuss. Just apply, let set, and rinse out. Style as usual. I love to use the blue over my black hair. On sale right now for $5 at Sally Beauty.

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