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Cute holiday gift alert: limited edition fragrances from Arbonne

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Cute holiday gift alert: limited edition fragrances from Arbonne

Arbonne Fragrance TrioStand by while the holiday collections roll out and overwhelm us all. There are so many new things hitting the shelves right now that I couldn’t possibly write about all of them, so I’m going to be doing a lot of picking and choosing of what is worth a second look. There won’t be a formal gift guide this year, just an ongoing cute gift alert when I run into something.

This year, Arbonne has released a set of three very different fragrances – perfect for those three friends of yours who aren’t anything alike. On each bottle is a sculpted woman, one who is elegant, one who is sleek, and one who is whimsical.

First up, The Dreamer, opens with Fuji apple, yuzu zest, and pomegranate. The middle notes unfold with cedar, balsa wood, and white cyclamen. The deep and lasting base notes include Baltic amber and Australian sandalwood.

The Dazzler has fresh top notes of bamboo and bergamot, with middle notes of my favorite floral ylang ylang, Chinese peony, and jasmine blossom. The base notes include Australian sandalwood, sexy patchouli, and amber. This is the fragrance would probably best be suited for me, should anyone desire to purchase one for the holidays with my name on it.

Last, but certainly not least is The Dynamo. Top notes include frosted pink grapefruit, white cardamom, and sweet Valencia orange. The sexy heart of the fragrance includes night blooming jasmine, Rose de Mai, and white muget. Lasting base notes include golden amber, violet petals, vanilla creme and Australian sandalwood. Also a fragrance I would probably adore, judging by the notes.

The fragrances are available for purchase through December, and retail for $78 (1.7 fl. oz.) or $198 for the trio. Not only are these available for purchase through Independent Consultants, they may also be purchased at Arbonne online.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I haven’t even begun making my lists!

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