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Spotted in the wild: Boots No 7 by Poppy King lipsticks

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Spotted in the wild: Boots No 7 by Poppy King lipsticks

Well, I should rephrase. The lipsticks themselves were not spotted in the wild, but I did see this while walking around my local Target yesterday:

Boots no 7 poppy king

Of course it was empty, or I would have bought one of every shade. I hadn’t heard anything about this collaboration, which isn’t surprising since Boots is a British brand that is only carried at Targets in the United States. The British beauty bloggers have been blogging about this line forever, with mixed reviews.

I wasn’t able to find these online at Target, but the lipsticks are available from the Boots USA site for about $9.99 each. There are seven shades in the collection, but only six are online: History (red), Power (raspberry), Glamour (flirty pink), Seduction (deep wine), Intrigue (nude/pink), and Allure (peach). I was not able to find the lipglosses online in the United States.

Have you seen these? Tried them? I’m eager to get my hands on them!

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