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Transitioning to fall with Mario Badescu’s Orange Cleansing Soap

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Transitioning to fall with Mario Badescu’s Orange Cleansing Soap

Mario Badescu Orange Cleansing SoapAs I get older, I have noticed that my skin tends to get a bit drier in the fall and winter. And since I’m not interested in dehydrating my skin, I often have to switch it up so that I’m not using as much BHA (beta hydroxy acid) on my face, and instead go for the gentler AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). Mario Badescu makes a perfect cleanser for me – one that still exfoliates but doesn’t cause dry patches on my face: Orange Cleansing Soap. The orange extract is the AHA, and it does an excellent job of removing my dead skin cells and giving me a great clean feeling.

Plus, the formula is so nice and thick – not that it matters at all, but it’s pretty too – very pearlescent. Eight ounces is $12, and 16 ounces is $20, and you can find it at MarioBadescu or Nordstrom.

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