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If you color your hair, you need to try this little shot of awesome

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If you color your hair, you need to try this little shot of awesome

Surya Brasil Single Application Color Fixant

Yes, I’m obsessed with my hair. I have at least as many hair products as I do makeup and skincare items, and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. I recently added about $200 worth of extensions (myself!), and I’m still coloring like crazy. So when I see something that helps the actual condition of my hair, because I put it through hell with all the coloring, heat styling, and other crazy things that I think are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, I jump on it. Especially something that not only conditions but helps keep my color straight.

How Surya Brasil Single Application Color Fixation works is simple. After you wash the color out of your hair, empty the entire bottle into your hand and apply through the hair well. Rinse after three minutes. If you prefer, you can also combine it with your favorite conditioner or deep treatment for a double dose of awesome.

This is one of those little secrets that can be hard to find. It’s not available anywhere here where I live, but I’ve heard that you can find it at Whole Foods sometimes. Natural food/beauty shops will probably have it, and of course, I found it on Amazon for only $4.84. Worth every single penny.

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