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Inglot releases their Copper Collection for the wintertime

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Inglot releases their Copper Collection for the wintertime

Inglot Copper CollectionJust in time for the colors of fall and winter, Inglot is releasing their new Copper Collection full of orangeish hues. Available this month in Inglot stores (NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach, and New Jersey), the collection includes the following:

  • Liquid Eyeliner in metallic copper with a precision felt tip brush.  #19, $11.00
  • Sleeks Lip Gloss in two new shades, both with a high dose of shine and nonstick formula. #27 and #28, $10.00
  • Lipstick offered in two new shades of the pearl formula with modern frost texture.  #276 and #277, $12.00
  • Pearl Freedom System Eyeshadows  #607P, #605P, #606P, $5.00
  • Double Sparkle Freedom System Eyeshadows #609DS, #608DS, $5.00
Not near an Inglot store? I’m not either. But all is not lost – visit them at for all the copper goodness you need.

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