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Salma Hayek’s new Nuance line: The eye shadow quad shaped like a teardrop

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Salma Hayek’s new Nuance line: The eye shadow quad shaped like a teardrop

It is an eye quad, but obviously the name of it isn’t “shaped like a teardrop.” That’s just what I’m calling it. Also, “difficult to store flat.” While I always appreciate innovative design, I’m not totally sold on the shape of this bad boy, but I can admire the desire to make the product stand out.

But how about the product? Well, it’s not too bad. I’d say that it falls firmly in drugstore quality, meaning that you can work with it easy enough if you throw out the applicator that comes with it and be prepared to do a bit of building up of color. The colors themselves are quite lovely, and while I don’t normally apply four colors of eyeshadow at one time (unless it’s some sort of REALLY special occasion, and even then I’d be hard pressed to do more than three), I like how the colors compliment each other. I adore how there are instructions on the back of the box to create the look that the colors are supposed to create without having to guess – that is super handy.

The price is only $8.49, which puts it in the pretty darn good value camp. The entire line by Salma Hayek includes cosmetics, skincare, hair care and body, but it is only available at your local CVS or

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