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Cool gift alert: Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose gift set

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Cool gift alert: Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose gift set

I know it can be tricky getting fragrance for anyone on your list, but that doesn’t seem to stop everyone from doing it anyway. Fragrance gift sets are so popular, that I wonder if everyone doesn’t get at least one each holiday season. Harvey Prince has put together some of it’s very cool scents into one cute kit for easy gift giving – and these are fragrances with a purpose. 

Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose Gift Set

Not only is the packaging super cute, but you open it up to find six different fragrances:

Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose Gift Set

Inside are six mini 8.8 fl. oz. roll-ons, perfect for carrying in your purse, makeup bag, and especially in your carry on.

I have actually reviewed one of the scents before: Ageless Fantasy. This scent is based on the idea that certain scents can help people around you perceive you as younger than you are. Notes include pink grapefruit, mango, and pomegranate.

Harvey Prince Ageless Fantasy

Eau Flirt is the fragrance that supposedly does the flirting for you. Wear this around your newest crush. Notes include pumpkin pie and lavender. Really!

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt

Eau Fling is for when you’re trying to keep things light and casual. No serious relationships here. Notes include pumpkin, raspberry, jasmine, and black currant.

Harvey Prince Eau Fling

Coupling is moving past the fling – it’s all about making it permanent. Cinnamon, gardenia, nutmeg, and cucumber.

Harvey Prince Coupling

Ready for the post-holiday diet and fitness craze? Wear Eau de Lite and control those cravings. Rosemary, peppermint, green apple, sandalwood, and fennel.

Harvey Prince Eau de Lite

Or, you can just say screw it to all the ridiculous resolutions and dive into the scent of your favorite ice cream with Eau de Creme. The notes of all your favorite scoops: pink passion fruit, rum raisin, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

This entire set is available for $60 at It makes a great gift on it’s own, or you can break them up as a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.

Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose Gift Set

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