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Korres introduces their newest primer: Oak and Quercetin Anti-Aging Eye Primer

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Korres introduces their newest primer: Oak and Quercetin Anti-Aging Eye Primer

Not too long ago sent me the new Korres Oak and Quercetin Anti-Aging Eye Primer, and I immediately started using it and completely forgot to write down my thoughts on it. This is always a good sign, as it means that I like it so much I’ve already put it into my rotation and like it so much that I haven’t given it any more thought. Korres Anti Aging Eye Primer

So why do I love it so much? Not only does it do a fabulous job keeping my eye makeup from creasing (which is no small feat, let me assure you), it also has those anti-aging ingredients that I am beginning to require more and more as I reach “Of a Certain Age” status. Quercetin and oak extracts provide antioxidants that help keep aging at bay, and it’s so smooth that is literally blends away fine lines around the eye area. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I tend to use my eye primer all around my eye, not just on the lid, so the anti-aging properties are even more appealing.

Korres Anti Aging Eye Primer

The product has an apricot tint that will help correct just about any skin tone, and is so blendable that you won’t even see it. Here I used a super thick coat so you can get an idea of the color.

Korres Quercetin and Oak Anti-Aging Eye Primer is available at Sephora for $22. And if you haven’t explored this brand, it’s worth playing with. High quality and natural ingredients always make me happy.

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