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This week’s mani: a black matte reverse ombre thing

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This week’s mani: a black matte reverse ombre thing

black matte with glitterIf you haven’t had the chance to explore it yet, Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration for beautiful manicures. I found something like this there, and decided to re-create it for myself.

Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional nail blogger, and I don’t always paint perfectly. But I’m getting better, I swear.

To start, I applied two coats of Orly’s Liquid Vinyl, a very shiny solid black. I mattified it by applying one coat of Essie’s Matte About You topcoat – it works like a dream, and you only need one coat. Then, at the bottom cuticle, I used my gloppy Color Club Sugar Plum Yum and brushed it halfway up. Seriously, this green and purple hex glitter polish is a serious mess, but it worked perfectly for what I wanted it to do. Also, it apparently is scented but I can’t smell it. It’s a limited edition holiday release and I wouldn’t recommend it for much else, but for this it was great.

That was it. No other top coat, as I didn’t want to mattify the glitter and I didn’t want to shine up my matte black. It’s a very striking look and lasted me exactly 24 hours before I chipped the heck out of it. Thank goodness I took this picture.

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