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Kiss launches new ImPRESS Press On Manicure

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Kiss launches new ImPRESS Press On Manicure

I remember Press On Nails back in the 80s. I think they made their big debut around 1985, and they seemed like such a good idea, but the first time I tried them, I put them on, then hopped on the back of my brother’s motorcycle to go to the beach, and they all ended up on his shirt where I had held on. He was pretty disgusted with the whole thing, and I gave up on having long nails, since I clearly couldn’t grow them myself. So it’s been a long time since I’ve tried any of these, and was excited to sit down and try. 

Unfortunately, when I opened up the (super cute) packaging, I realized that either I have abnormally large fingernails (I don’t think I do?) or there weren’t any in there that were going to fit me. All of the nails that were obviously cut for thumbs were just too small. As I was getting ready to pack them all up, my tween daughter appeared (as if by magic) and volunteered her own hands for my ImPRESS experiment. I’m sure it was all in the name of product testing. So, she had a nice quick manicure.

ImPRESS press on manicure

You can see I have several different styles. The pink ones on the top have a cute black print with rhinestones, and the bottom manicure is a solid blue.

They were very easy to apply – the adhesive is on the back of the nail, and you pull it off after you match it to your nail. I would suggest doing your thumbs last, as it can be tricky to get those adhesive tabs off. Pull off the adhesive tab, and press on your nail. After you finish all 10 fingers, you’re done and can get on with your day.

Now, on my daughter, they unfortunately lasted only a day. BUT, she can be hard on equipment, if you know what I mean. Within 24 hours, all of them were off, and she wasn’t too interested in putting them back on. The good news is that the pack includes plenty of extra nails to replace any that might come off. We replaced the first two, and the rest she didn’t even tell me about until they were all gone.

So, overall impressions? They didn’t work for me, because I have freakishly large thumbnails, I guess. They are easy to use, and the designs are super cute. My eight year old daughter loved them. They didn’t last long. I’m thinking these would be perfect when you have a night out or a special event planned and ran out of time to do a good manicure on yourself. They don’t look artificial, and the length is just right.

You can find the ImPRESS Press On Manicure at Walgreens, KMart, Wal-Mart, and other big box merchandisers. The suggested retail price is $7.99.

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