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Nads Facial Wand hair remover performed a magic trick for me by working!

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Nads Facial Wand hair remover performed a magic trick for me by working!

I was recently given the chance to try the new Nads Facial Wand hair remover, and I was a bit nervous. Mostly because I had tried Nads before and it just didn’t work, and I’m always bummed when I have to report that something didn’t work. I’m also bummed because I have really thick, coarse hair which makes it difficult for anything like that to work well, but I’m relieved to report that the Facial Wand set worked like a charm.


With the basic good news out of the way, let’s get down to some details. The kit includes a slightly-larger-than-a-pencil wand applicator filled with the Nads product, a small pack of cloth strips, and a handful of cleaning wipes. The directions are straightforward enough: cleanse the area of the face you wish to remove hair, apply product in the direction of hair growth, apply cloth strip, hold the skin taut (very important in this process), and pull to remove strip quickly, in the opposite direction of hair growth.


A few things:

  • Don’t worry if you run out of the cleansing wipes before you run out of product, because you will. I think they included them as a courtesy, because they aren’t instrumental to this product working. Just make sure you start with clean skin, and don’t exfoliate immediately before or after. That will just encourage redness and swelling.
  • You absolutely will have to twist the applicator wand at least 20 times; I actually counted 26. This is totally normal, because the product is so thick and sticky.
  • Speaking of thick and sticky, this product doesn’t apply smoothly. It goods up, and can actually be hard to get off the wand. Don’t let this discourage you, because the benefits far outweigh the hassles. Just keep working with it, and be patient when you’re trying to smooth it out
  • What is the main benefit of Nads over wax? It’s made out of sugar, and if you accidentally put it in the wrong spot, you don’t need to panic – simply wash it off with water and start again. You also don’t need oils afterwards to clean up any leftovers, as water will take care of it for you.

    This is perfect to use on any area of the face : chin, eyebrows, upper lip, etc. and is very widely available at big boxes and drugstores. Expect to pay about $5.99, and this will last you about six months with moderate use.

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