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Take a break with Montagne Jeunesse facial masks

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Take a break with Montagne Jeunesse facial masks

Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Facial Mask

I’ve always been a huge fan of clay based masks, because my skin is naturally oily and they usually do a great job of absorbing some of that excess. Plus, it gives me an excuse to relax for 20 minutes or so, which is probably the most beneficial aspect of any facial treatment.

This mask is nice because it has a pleasant pomegranate/berry smell without being overwhelming, and it’s simple and straightforward to use. The single serving packets are nice too, although those who are concerned about unnecessary packaging may not like it all that much. I think they are great for travel, and love the packaging just for that reason.

These little treats for your face are cruelty-free, vegetarian, and paraben free, so you can use them as often as you like with no guilt issues at all. The best part is that each single serving is about $1.99, and you can find them at drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens as well as Ulta

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