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Curly kittens: try using a spray conditioner to refresh hair

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Curly kittens: try using a spray conditioner to refresh hair
Umberto Spray ConditionerThose of us with coarse, curly hair know that washing every day usually just invites dryness and frizz. And while our sisters with thinner hair may ache for the volume that we can usually achieve with very little effort, there aren’t many products out there that address our unique problems. Dry shampoo is often a form of powder, and it’s not always oil absorbing properties that we need, rather a curl refresher and a bit of moisture. So, instead of fighting with your dry curly hair on day two, try a spray conditioner as a hair touch up. Not only will it add moisture to your hair, it will refresh your curls with just a quick spritz. Umberto Controlling Conditioner Spray ($8.99, Target) is what I’ve been using lately. It is a great detangler and heat protector for wet hair, but also a fantastic conditioner refresh for curly hair. A few spays will control frizz without putting another layer of heavy product on.

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