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If you’re not handy with nail art, try Kiss Nail Dress to get artistic fingernails

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If you’re not handy with nail art, try Kiss Nail Dress to get artistic fingernails
As much as I want to be uber-talented when it comes to nail art, the sad truth is I’m not. I’m not even close. I’ve never been able to color within the lines, and when it comes to nail polish, that’s kind of a problem. But with the new nail stickers out, I can have amazing nails without the hassle of paint and UV lamps. The latest to enter the nail sticker game is Kiss Nails with their Kiss Nail Dress. They are super easy to use, and have more of the nail strips in each pack than similar products, making sure that they will work with any size nail. That is also super useful for chips and accidents, if you’re clumsy like me. There are 18 styles to choose from from bejeweled designs to animal prints, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy. They are super easy to use, just prep with nail polish remover, push your cuticles back (gently, please!) then apply decal beginning at the cuticle and smoothing up. Another insider trick for you is to do your thumbs last. Trust me, it will make the whole thing easier. Kiss Nail Dress is available at mass merchandisers like Target as well as Drugstores such as Walgreens. They retail for about $6.99, which might be the most reasonable decal set on the market.

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